Discover, receptive and listen to your needs and translate them into a client’s requirement checklist as a foundation of how we try to understand your dream.Our professional will help you create the exact windows, doors and floors you have in mind. We’ll talk to you through the whole process, advising you and answering any questions you have. We will treat you and your home with the respect you deserve, making sure that every installation is a pleasant one.


New windows and doors can be a significant investment,this is why it’s important to make sure every little detail of your windows is perfect for you, even the tiniest compromise could get on your nerves in years to come. Since your SOLID | uPVC windows and doors are made to measure (not off the shelf), it means you can have just about anything you want. We show you a huge range of styles, materials, colors and fittings – and then we design your perfect windows with you. Which means you have complete control over those important details – where a window opens (for those awkward spaces), the design of handles and locks, the type of finish and much more.


We make your new windows and doors ourselves, in our own factory, so we can guarantee the quality and make sure there’s not the slightest room for draughts once your new windows and doors are fitted


Our fitting specialists don’t believe they’ve finished just because the installation’s finished. They won’t leave until every last spot has been cleaned up and you can simply walk into the room and start enjoying your new windows right away.


A guarantee means nothing if the company who fitted your windows is no longer around by the time you have a problem. And in the current climate, it’s all too common for companies to disappear overnight. SOLID| UPVC is not planning on going anywhere – so you can rest assured that a guarantee from us means exactly what it says.

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